Who am I?

My name is Anne Stewart O'Donnell, and I'm a freelance
writer and independent scholar. I'm also Senior Editor at
Style 1900 magazine, a glossy quarterly devoted to the
antiques and interiors of the Arts and Crafts Movement, as
well as editor of
The Tabby, a hand-printed, hand-bound
chronicle of Arts and Crafts scholarship.

I first became interested in early-20th-century greeting
cards while working on my Masters Degree in the History
of Decorative Arts at the Smithsonian Institution, through a
program jointly sponsored by the Smithsonian Associates,
Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, and Parsons
School of Design. Since then, I've continued to study these
cards as a Smithsonian Graduate Fellow and a Smithsonian
Research Associate. I lecture on and write about my
findings as often as possible in the hopes of bringing early
greeting cards to more widespread attention.