Do you know someone who designed, wrote verses for, published,
or sold greeting cards in the early 20th century?

Do you have letters, ledgers, sample books,
examples of cards, business records, original art,
or family stories about creating cards during that time period?

Your stories and memorabilia are historically important -- they are part
of the American experience!

  • Preserve them carefully;

  • Consider donating your materials to a state or
    local historical society, museum, or public
    library, or to a national repository like the
    Smithsonian Institution;

  • Contact me so I can include them in the book
    I'm writing, a chronicle of greeting cards and
    the people who created them, 1900 - 1939.
Christmas card published by Ernest
Dudley Chase of Boston, sent "to
Dear Amalie" in 1916. The artist was
Nana French Bickford (later Nana
Bickford Rollins).
Some Greeting Card Pioneers
* Alfred Bartlett
* Abelart
Shop, Philadelphia (W. H. Abel,
Henry Heininger, New York)
* Alice Ercle Hunt
* American Greetings
* A. M. Davis Company, Boston
* Andre Koronski
* Belcraft / Edmund D. Poole & Co., Inc., New York
* Berdan Publishing Co., New York
* Bergman, New York
* Bertha E. Jacques, Chicago
* Bradlee, Waltham, MA (Cora Annable Bradlee)
* Ella Brison
* Bromfield Publishers, Boston
* Brownie / Brownies Blockprints
* Buzza Company, Minneapolis
       (Artists: Lee Mero, Janet Laura Scott)
* Buzza-Cardozo, Los Angeles

* Campbell Art Company, Elizabeth, NJ
       (Artists: Ruth E. Newton, Elizabeth Manley)
* The Canterbury Company, Chicago
* Canterbury Art Guild, Waltham, MA       
       (Artists: Louise Howe / Louise Howe Ewing,
Walter Floren, Carleton Reed,
Florence Penz or Florence Rinz, Earl Nutting,
Thomas Harrison Knowles, R. H. Harrington,
Marjorie Very, Elsie Ford, Walter Les)
* The Cardcrafters Guild, Hartford, CT
       (Artists: Marion Maercklein, Cora Greenwood,
Hazel Burnham / Hazel Burnham Slaughter)
* Carrington Co., Chicago
* Casterline (Helen A.), Buffalo, NY and Eden, NY
* Charles R. Capon
* Chas. S. Clark Co., New York
* The Cincinnati Art Publishing Co.
* Cleora Clark Wheeler, St. Paul, MN
* Cora Annable Bradlee / Bradlee, Waltham, MA
* Cuala Press, Dublin, Ireland
       (Artists: Pamela Colman Smith, Jack Yeats)   
* Dennison Company
* Des Arts Studios, Inc.
* Dorothy Hapgood,
* Edmund D. Poole & Co., Inc. / Belcraft, New York
* E. D. Parker, Boston
* Elder, Paul, San Francisco and New York
* Ella Brison
* Emma M. Anderson, Boulder, CO
* Maginel Wright Enright
* E. P. Dutton & Co., New York
       (Artist: Albertine Randall Wheelan)
* Eunice Hussey
* Everett Exclusive Studios
* F. A. Owen Co., Dansville, NY / Owen Card Pub.
Co., Elmira, NY
* F. L. Lester, Chicago / The Laurel Series
       (Artist: Helen E. Jacoby)
* Florence Pretz
* Geo. W. Parker Art Co., Minneapolis
       (Verse writer: Elizabeth Gordon)
* G. H. Brun, Boston
* Gibson Art Company
* G. K. Prince, Buffalo, NY
* Stephen Greene Company, Philadelphia
* Hallmark / Hall Brothers
* Hapgood, Dorothy
* Harry Wang
* Helen A. Casterline, Buffalo, NY and Eden, NY
* Helen E. Jacoby / Helen Eaton Jacoby,
       Indianapolis, IN
* Henry Heininger
* The Holiday Print Shop
* Hugh and Margaret Eaton, Brooklyn, NY
* International Art Publishing Co.
* Bertha E. Jacques, Chicago
* J. H. McNicol (Copley Craft), Boston
* J.P.N.Y. / Julius Pollan, New York
* J. Raymond Howe Co., Chicago
* Julius Pollan, New York / J.P.N.Y.
* Andre Koronski
* The Laurel Series, Chicago / F.L. Lester
       (Artist: Helen E. Jacoby)
* Laverty, Lou
* L. F. Pease, Buffalo, NY
* The Little Crafts Shop, Hartford, CT
* Lord Publishing Co., Boston
* Louise Roberts, Arden, DE
* Lou Laverty
* Lucia Patton
* Maginel Wright Enright
* Marcus Ward
* Mary Moulton Cheney (The Chemith Press,
       The Artcraft Shop), Minneapolis
* National Art Publishing Co., Elmira, NY
* Nellie S. Trufant, Minneapolis, MN
* Newman Art Co., Los Angeles / Newman Pub. &
       Art Co., New York
* Norcross
       (Artist: June Norcross)
* Owen Card Pub. Co., Elmira, NY / F. A. Owen Co.,
       Dansville, NY
* Owen Perry Art Co.
* Patton, Lucia
* Paul Elder, San Francisco & New York
* P. F. Volland Co., Chicago
* Julius Pollan, New York / J.P.N.Y.
* Edmund D. Poole & Co., Inc. / Belcraft, New York
* Pretz, Florence
* Raphael Tuck and Sons
* The Roycroft, East Aurora, NY
* Rust Craft / The Rust Craft Shop /
       Fred W. Rust, Kansas City, MO and Boston
* Samuel Carpenter Co., Philadelphia
* Sandford Card Company, Dansville, NY
* Schuss Cards
* Stephen Greene Company, Philadelphia
* Thomas Harrison Knowles, Incorporated
* Thompson-Smith Company, New York
* University Art Shop, Inc., Evanston, IL
* P. F. Volland Co., Chicago
       (Artists: Rachel Robinson Elmer, Ella Brison,
Janet Laura Scott, Maginel Wright Enright)
* Wheeler, Cleora Clark, St. Paul, MN
* Wheeler
* Whitney
* Wolf & Co., New York